Just an indie game dev focusing on Virtual Reality software for people who like spaceships, robots, explosions and classic gaming styles.

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What do YOU want to see in a virtual reality game?

Making VR experiences is what I love to do, but I'm not doing it just to entertain myself. I depend on suggestions and support from the other VR enthusiasts out there who want to play a part to help create awesome new interactive software. If you enjoy any of my games, then share the buzz on Reddit or Support our Patreon to get access to alphas versions of releases and take part in play-testing some of the new features I'm working on.


Most importantly, let me know what you want to see, what features YOU want added to these games that I'm making (since I'm making them just for you <3)

CuriousVR also makes custom VR apps for many businesses and interesting artists with good ideas. Contact below if you have a VR project in mind :)

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I'm Ryan and I run CuriousVR in (occasional) partnership with some cool people who hang out at my house.

I makes software using Unity for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, and I'm relatively new at this, the games being showcased are mostly prototype/alpha stage.

I made this site to show off the works in different stages of development, get feedback from the community/players, develop some crowdfunding to complete these projects and bring them to SteamVR and other platforms. Not looking for riches, doubt I'll ever be a full-time-dev, all I wanna do is make things and know that people are enjoying them.

Currently I am focusing on Space Pilot Defender, a roomscale strategic space fighter which is in Alpha. Its kinda like Elite meets windlands, if that makes sense :)

Also happening, a new take on the classic "Rampart", a vive skateboarding and grafitti game, "Adams Castle": a platformer in the style of classic NES adventure puzzlers, tron lightbikes, and a few other surprises.  The roadmap is available for many of the projects down below, so you can see what I've planned for the future, add input on where you'd like the game to go, and become part of the patreon or crowdfunding campaigns to help take the project to the next level.

Thanks for visiting. Try out some demos, Good luck and have fun :)

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Get involved, try stuff out and let us know what's missing...

Playable demos

In various stages of optimization and debuggling, these playable demos are in active development and community feedback is critical:
Space Pilot Defender


Early Prototypes

For the more adventurous arm-chair game-devs, help shape these new experiences in the early stages of development.
VR-Dev Tycoon

Quark Caverns

Adams Castle

Paint Skater


Pinball Wall

Concept Stage

Concepts for upcoming games and experiences, let us know what you want to see!

Pinball Wall